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Installation Instructions for SPMetal Extender

Option 1 From CodePlex

Download the file .vsix from the download page in this SPMetal Extender CodePlex project.

Run the VSIX file, this installs the extension onto Visual Studio 2010.

The Visual Studio Extension Installer prompts you to install "SPMetal Extender".

The Visual Studio Extension installer will notify you that the installation is complete.

VSIX installed

Check the extension is installed by clicking Tools > Extension Manager

Extension Manager

Option 2 from Online Gallery

Open Visual Studio 2010

Click Tools > Extension Manager > Select the Online Gallery > Search for "SPMetal Extender" and install the extension.

Usage Instructions for the SPMetal Extender template

You can extend the SPMetal generated code using the template.

The template shows how to extend the fields retrieved using LINQ to SharePoint. The temple shows how to extend a list containing a publishing html, a publishing image, the created by field and the attachments field.

Extend SPMetal Template Item

Template selection

Template code

Extend SPMetal generated code for a specific field using Server Explorer

Using Visual Studio 2010

  • Open the Server Explorer panel
  • Create a new SharePoint connection to the site that holds the list that will be extended
  • Traverse the site tree and find the list you with to extend
  • Traverse to the field you with to add to you LINQ to SharePoint code.
  • Click on the field and click "Extend SPMetal", the code is place on you clipboard if the popup message notifies you.
  • Create a new c# class file, with any name. Paste the code from your clipboard into the class.
  • Adjust the code to be identical to the class and namespace generated in your SPMetal code.

 Generate additional fields

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